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Milo coached her to
a successful speech!


Way to go, lady!

Here’s my second column which doesn’t touch my first one and leaves the picture on its own as desired.  Milo Shapiro’s approach to the topic of public speaking skills is grounded in the same quality training that led to his own keynote presentations for organizations like Minolta, Southwest Airlines, Qualcomm, Sharp HealthCare, and Wellpoint/BlueCross. Clients enjoy learning with less stress.

Second column, sub heading

More fabulous stuff about me, my hair, my delightful sense of humor and why I’m the hit of any dinner party I’m invited to, unless manners are involved.  Then maybe less so.

Third column

Years of experience on his own keynote material and in helping others find the power in their voice!

Through immediately useable techniques and critiques, Milo will show you how to better organize material, find the right words, and improve delivery so your audiences are leaning forward to catch every syllable.

Public Dynamics™ is also great training for sales staff, internal managers, politicians, and even students who want an edge in this competitive world.

We coach those who need to speak or sell publicly, developing skills in:

effective wording

easy, controlled pacing


eye contact

empowered voice usage

body language

using high and low status

developing your own natural style



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