Duo Improv Entertainment Keynotes

Duo Keynotes with an Improv Show Built InWith titles like “Whose Line-Manager Is It Anyway?” and “Laugh In the Fast Lane”, these entertaining duo presentations are as much a show as they are a keynote.

The IMPROVfessionals “top-ten” style lists are improv shows, customized to the focus of the gathering.  We’ve been asked to entertain on ten points such as:

    management and teamwork
    event planning
    social blunders (for a non-work party)

For each point we cover, a life story and/or an improv game is performed by the duo to prove our point.

Attendees love that they get a live spontaneous comedy show; planners love that ten solid business lessons are memorable in format so funny that it can even work for a holiday party.

Watch video below to see how this edu-taining program is a hit with both attendees (for the fun) and the top brass (for the lessons)

What are some of the variations we’ve worked with?
Here are our two most popular requests:

“Laugh in the Fast Lane

Here, all ten points are sales-oriented for a sales team audience, giving sales agents and managers some key reminders and some playful tools to make it easier to face their challenging business.  Points include:

“Never make the customer wrong”
“Presentation counts”
“Be creative – even within your guidelines”

“This was just the energy booster we needed to laugh at ourselves a bit and then focus on what we need to get done.” – Kodak


“Whose Line-Manager Is It Anyway?”
Our most requested version!  Getting along in business environments is tough!  As we announce our ten business principles here, we often hear groans and chuckles of recognition that tell us we’re on target.  The crowd is laughing but they’re getting the message, too, as we hit upon principles like:

  Trying to rush quality results
  Putting too many resources on an issue
  Avoiding micro-managment
  Adapting to personality types

“Four stars!” – Pfizer Pharmaceuticals


Here’s just one game as an example of how improv can prove business points.
This manager (an audience volunteer) was asked “What’s something you know a lot about?”
His answer was, “Hard Work”.

See what fun we had with him when he provides the voice, but Milo provides his body language.
More than that, we then got to discuss how much more memorable it was with the collaboration
than if he had tried to give his presentation along.  A little silly, sure.  But fun…and it made our point.

A little hard to hear because the audience laughs so hard, but you’ll get it from the physicals.

More game videos are available upon request.

The lightly interactive duo / trio improv entertainment keynote speech programs
(based in San Diego, but available nationwide) are
a lively way to share valuable
lessons while yielding laughter and energy.


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