Tell me about Milo Shapiro

Milo’s life journey has taken him from corporate project manager to an improv professional to a motivational speaker — even to a speaking coach!  He draws from abilities in all of these to bring fun, informative, eye-opening presentations that will have your folks talking and laughing for weeks.

Since qualifying for the esteemed National Speakers Association in 2003, Milo’s programs have been shared with tens of thousands of people, yielding the enthusiastic testimonials you’ll find on this site from diverse industries and organizations.

Link to motivational speaker Milo Shapiro's video     Link to motivational speaker Milo Shapiro's videoHis most requested program,
“We Gotta Fail…To Succeed!” has the whole audience playing improv games from their seats for about half the time.  It’s been described as “the closest to a teambuilding event that a keynote can get” and “the ice-breaker that also makes a strong message.”

The “IMPROVfessionals Top Ten Duos” (featuring Milo and another professional improviser) is keynote entertainment with real business lessons.  Through ten improv games, ten business points are made.  Management loves the lessons coming through; attendees love the fun.

Need something more direct?  After helping hundreds as a speaking coach since 2004, Milo created his keynote called
“Public Speaking: Get A’s, Not Zzzzzz’s!” based on his book by the same name.   Milo shares actionable gold nuggets on effective presentation skills.  Never to do anything without fun in it, this age-old challenge is a source of laughter and learning in his hands.

From doctors to engineers, CEOs to clerks, teachers to auditors, Milo’s lively messages strike important cords on being all we can be in the work environment…and personally!