San Diego Motivational Speaker “We Gotta Fail…To Succeed!” for interactive keynote fun!

"We Gotta Fail...To Succeed!&quot - San Diego motivational speaker Milo Shapiro gets the whole audience playing along with improv games;

The most playful, interactive keynote… San Diego motivational speaker

Featuring all of your attendees playing improv games with the leader!
(The video on the “Video” page is mostly from this program)

72-transp-shirt-blued-with-suspIn the first half, Milo’s personal stories, historic tales, and challenging ideas, lead us in looking at our personal relationship with risk, change and even failure at times, so we can liberate ourselves to let innovation thrive and capitalize on our brilliance. Half-way in, Milo relates this all to improv, where nothing’s ever certain!  He then leads fun, easy improv activities attendees play in their seats, customizing the lessons, when appropriate, to the roles/industry of your audience.

Laughter quickly fills the room as your active participants recognize their own communication quirks that both hinder and help them succeed.  In his most booked speech, Milo brings focus to what failure really means to each of us, answering how we can:

  • Create an environment where it is safe to let innovation thrive
  • Minimize negative effects of failure so we are more free to take calculated risks
  • Release ourselves so that we (and the groups we support) get to capitalize on our brilliance!

Using stories that include: 

  how Milo got DMV to take an innovative approach to a big problem
  Mom’s cooking safaris
  how failure paid off in the Women’s Rights movement

…Milo ties together life lessons in a way that will make you laugh and learn. 

Then comes the interactive improv fun where everyone gets to play along! 

Depending upon the length of the presentation, Milo leads the whole group in between one and four of his interactive improv games, including a couple of Failure GamesThese exciting, playful exercises, which can be done from the participants seats, are designed to create challenges we cannot win to see how we handle the process of trying.

Milo’s video page centers on this program’s blend of storytelling and audience participation,
energizing conferences and shedding light on our attitudes toward change, risk, and communication. 

Note:  As the video leans a little toward the interaction, if you’d like to see more of the speaking portion of this program afterward, let Milo know.


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Keynote speech by professional San Diego motivational speaker Milo Shapiro of IMPROVentures. 
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