Brief Program Listings

Sometimes, agencies need a quick sentence or two about Milo’s programs OR
something that’s a little longer that would look good in a program, etc.

Below, you’ll find both lengths for each of my four most frequently-given programs.
For agencies needing a bureau-friendly version, simply leave off the last sentence.


1)  “We Gotta Fail…To Succeed!”

Short version:

“We Gotta Fail…To Succeed!” is focused on risk-taking and our attitude toward what failure really is versus what we act as if it means.  Through the stories and these games from his 20+ years of improvisation work, Milo leads attendees in recognizing where they may be holding themselves back…and cheating themselves and their organizations of their brilliance!  Laughter quickly fills the room as the participants both enjoy the activities and start to recognize their own communication quirks that both hinder and help them succeed. Come prepared to have some interactive, participatory fun…and learn a little about yourself!  More at

Standard version:

“We Gotta Fail…To Succeed!” – A creative way of thinking that sets you up to excel!

Milo Shapiro’s fun and unorthodox presentation brings focus to what failure really means to each of us, answering: 

♦  How can we minimize the negative effects of failure so we are more free to take calculated risks?  

♦  How can we stop curtailing ourselves such that we (and the businesses we support) get to capitalize on our brilliance? 

♦  How can we create an environment where it is safe to let innovation thrive?

This program, which has been a hit with the likes of Southwest Airlines, Minolta, and Wellpoint/BlueCross, is going to be like no other we’ve ever hosted. Not only will Milo will be speaking and sharing some great life-lesson stories, but he will be proving several of his points through improvisation! He will lead us in a few improv games from his teamwork/communication course “TEAMprovising”, bringing out the creativity and laughter in our members while teaching us valuable lessons about how we carry ourselves in business and our lives.

It is within the trying, not the succeeding, that learning takes place here.  And in this case, it is also where the fun lies! The program will also include a few unexpected turns, including:

♦  taking innovative chances at the DMV

♦  Mom’s cooking safaris

♦  how failure paid off in the Women’s Rights movement

Come out for the fun and learning on this one or you’re likely to be hearing others talking about this unique opportunity! See why a manager at Sempra Energy said that Milo “changed us from task-focused individuals to a dynamic work-team ready to excel.”  Learn more about Milo’s improv programs, speeches and public speaking coaching at


2)  “Public Speaking: Get A’s, Not Zzzzzz’s!”

Short version:

“Public Speaking: Get A’s, Not Zzzzzz’s!” is speaking coach Milo Shapiro’s playful, story-filled fact-festival on the critical-yet-ever-feared topic of presentation skills.  Milo captures the power of storytelling in programs, relates valuable tips in using our voice, face and body more effectively, and helps us get organized with his Four Steps to Successful Speech Structure™. He even relates common ways that we distract or even alienate our audiences.  Full of fun and useful, actionable aha‘s to avoid learner burnout for beginners to experienced speakers!  More at

Standard version:

“Public Speaking: Get A’s, Not Zzzzzz’s!” is speaking coach Milo Shapiro’s informative fact-festival on the critical-yet-ever-feared topic of presentation skills.  With his playful, story-filled approach, Milo covers these topics and more:

♦  capturing the power of story to give make points sizzle

♦  setting the stage with your body to help people visualize

♦  the Seven Variants of Vocal Variety™

♦  the Four Stages to Successful Speech Structure™

♦  common ways that we alienate / distract our audiences

♦  taking control of Q&A

So full of fun and loaded with juicy aha‘s to avoid learner burnout that you’ll actually enjoy focusing on this topic that ranked #1 in people’s fears for years…and come to realize that it’s pretty natural to fear what we haven’t been taught to do well!  Leaving informed and motivated to implement these ideas will have you excited the next time you need to speak in public. 

Learn more about Milo’s public speaking coaching, improv programs, and speeches at


3)  “The IMPROVfessionals”

Short version:

The IMPROVfessionals’ “Top Tens” are unique duo or trio presentations, featuring Milo Shapiro and one or two colleagues.  They are tailored to the organization’s values and topic of interest. It is both a speech and an improvisation show.  They create a ten-point list about the topic and perform improvisation skits that support the points being made — demonstrating that while there are important lessons to learn, the process can be innovative rather than solemn.   Topics have varied from sales to teamwork/management to living a more productive life outside work.  More at

Standard version:

“The Improvfessionals’ Top Tens” are unique duo and trio presentations that use both stories and improv games to make business points, so it is a combination keynote program and an improvisation show.. 

The programs feature motivational speaker and professional improviser Milo Shapiro and one/two of his speech/performance partners.  These programs center on a common theme (ie:  sales, teamwork/management, life balance)   the program proposed for this group,   Milo creates a ten-point lesson list about the agreed upon theme.  The players then perform improvisation skits that support the points being made — demonstrating that while there are important lessons, learning is at its best when it can be made fun and innovative.  Attendees love that it’s a show; management loves that there’s some real learning within the fun.

Like the show “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”, much of the program will be created on the spot from ideas given by the attendees but there will also be stories shared by the speakers, including one or two from Milo’s book, “The Worst Days Make The Best Stories”.  With show titles like  “Laugh In The Fast Lane” (sales) and  “Whose Line-Manager Is It Anyway?” (management/teamwork), the audience enjoys spontaneous fun built around ideas that, thanks to the laughter, will stick with them long after the conference ends.

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4)  Professional Simon Sez

Standard version (which is already pretty short, if you remove the carriage returns):

The concept is simple enough:  Do what Milo says only when he says “Simon Sez”.
And if Milo does something different than what he says?  Again, do what he says.
Should be easy, right?  Not the way adults tend to anticipate!

Lightly competitive, this fun challenge fully engages the brain (especially as Milo gets trickier!)

Whether as part of a keynote or as a shorter stand-alone event, Milo’s speaking portion up front psyches up
the attendees to play and gives them some valuable thoughts to apply to their listening skills.

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